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Frequently Asked Questions
These "yellow pages" hope to quickly answer your questions.

4. Which are the best games?
  • The Well-rounded Player
  • The Spiel des Jahres is the jury-awarded annual German game of the year prize. It tends to choose games accessible to hardcore and casual players alike.
  • The popularly-voted Deutscher Spiele Preis (German Game Prize) tends to choose the best game of the year for more experienced players.
  • The Internet Top 100 Survey tends to do the same thing for all games ever made.
  • The Best of the New Games is a sampling of this including only the most recent games.
  • The Boardgame Recommendation System is a collaborative filtering system that attempts to match your ratings with others. (Caveat: this kind of system really needs thousands of participants to work usefully.)
  • Spiel-Palast 2001 Games Poll (German)

    5. Where can I buy out-of-print games?
    USENET Newsgroups
  • news:de.markt.spiele
    Internet auctions:
  • Ebay · Deutschland
  • Yahoo
    Private Sellers
  • Steven Tavener
  • Board Game Locator
    Flea Market:
  • Spieleflohmarkt

    6. Where can I find rules for out-of-print games?
    One good bet is to find the publisher and ask them. Even today Hasbro still provides rulesets for games from companies that they have acquired such as Milton Bradley, Parker Bros., Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast, etc.
    Should this fail, see:
  • AGPC Archive
  • BoardGameGeek
  • Central Connector
  • Darwin's Game Closet
  • Fantasy En'Counter (D, mostly wargames)
  • Marios Welt (D)
  • John McLeod's Card Games Website
         · Recently Invented Games
  • Spieltrieb (D)
  • Colin Stobbe
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    4. Which are the best games?
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