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Sierra Madre Games
Sierra Madre Games is the independent publisher of games by Phil Eklund and source of many of the most innovative board game creations on some of the most innovative topics in the past decade.

  1. Rocket Flight (Lords of the High Frontier)
  2. Lords of the Sierra Madre (later republished by Decision Games)
  3. Pancho Villa, Dead or Alive!
  4. Insecta (published by Fat Messiah Games)
  5. Lords of the Renaissance
  6. Luftschiff (expansion kits are Riesenflugzeugabteilungen; ZRCV: Flying Flat-Top; Airships at War, 1914-1941)
  7. American Megafauna
  8. Insecta - Rainforest (published by Fat Messiah Games)
  9. Insecta - Trilobite (published by Fat Messiah Games)
  10. American Megafauna, 2nd edition
  11. The Artifact
  12. American Megafauna Expansion
  13. Lords of the Spanish Main
  14. Origins: How We Became Human
  15. Origins: How We Became Human Expansion
  16. Kriegbot
  17. Erosion
  18. Kriegbot Expansion
  19. High Frontier
  20. High Frontier Expansion
  21. Bios: Megafauna (a re-envisioning of American Megafauna)
  22. Pax Porfiriana
  23. Bios: Origins
  24. High Frontier Colonization
  25. High Frontier Interstellar
  26. Greenland
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